Run Leaders interest

Thank you for registering your interest to become a Run Leader at the club.
We have a process and criteria which we use to select new candidates.
Please read the selection criteria before completing the form details and registering your interest.

1. Interested parties should be fully paid up and first claim club members with at least 1 years membership.

2. Interested parties should be able to commit to 1-2 sessions per month over the next 18 months. We do appreciate that this may not always be possible due to work/ family etc but a long term commitment is preferred so members have an opportunity to develop themselves as a run leader with their group and our financial contribution is well invested.

3. Interested parties should be able to attend run leader meetings as required and provide constructive feedback to improve the training sessions that the club offers.

4. Interested parties should be able to manage and communicate with large groups of people, lead clearly and undertake risk assessments as appropriate. You may also be required to lead warm ups on occasion.

5. Interested parties should be willing and understand that often they may have to sacrifice their own training session to take the group (e.g. leading from the back rather than the front).

6. Interested parties should also understand that run leaders are sent on the course at the requirement of the club. e.g. we won’t send an A group leader if we need one in C first and therefore may wait longer than others to achieve the qualification.

If you meet the above criteria and would still like to register your interest please complete the information below.
* indicates required
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